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Xenon solutions

Discover our full range of xenon lighting solutions, the number one choice in xenon lighting. Now with our pro-active solution against xenon lamp piracy!

12V car lighting

Philips is the world's leading automotive lighting manufacturer and is renowned for its technological innovations, it's use of high-quality materials and its best-in-class products.
Philips commitment to providing the highest quality standards makes it the preferred partner of the world's largest car manufacturers.
Philips 12V car lighting is a family of lighting solutions designed for the needs and lifestyles of all consumers.

24V bus and truck lighting

Our 24V bus and truck range outperforms all the competitions!
For maximum safety, comfort and savings, discover our 24V MasterDuty and MasterLife, now offering ultimate lifetime and improved vibration resistance.
These original equipment quality lighting solutions offer maximum performance and minimum downtime.
Our lamps keep a fleet productive and on the move by minimizing time-consuming interruptions.
We are committed to developing the most powerful and robust 24V lighting solutions on the market in order to meet the needs of both large and small fleet owners, transportation departments and all garage professionals.

Feel safe, drive safe

  • X-tremeVision

    Philips X-tremeVision headlight bulbs offers up to 100% more light with a light beam up to 35 meters longer than a standard lamp. X-tremeVision is engineered with the state-of-the-art technology for ultimate bright light.
  • WeatherVision

    Philips WeatherVision halogen headlamp offers up to more than 60% more yellow light improving your visibility to drive safely through bad weather conditions such as rain, fog, and snow. It is ECE compliant for road legal usage.

Drive with style

  • WhiteVision

    Philips WhiteVision lamps add an intense white Xenon look (4300 K) to your car headlights for your premium driving experience at night. The increased brightness of up to 60% more light makes it the perfect combination of style and safety.
  • CrystalVision

    Philips CrystalVision halogen headlamps upgrades the style of your car with 4300K bright white light. With the blue coating and silver top finishing, your car will look more stylish.
  • DiamondVision

    Philips DiamondVision halogen headlamps is the ultimate style upgrade for your car with 5000K white light. With the specially designed blue coating, DiamondVision makes you stand out from the crowd.