2 Wheel

Two-wheeler lighting

At Philips, we believe that road safety begins with appropriate lighting. Our motorcycle lighting solutions are engineered to provide a powerful, bright light for maximum safety. Being seen on a motorcycle is equally important as seeing, so we have designed a full range of lighting solutions to provide the safety your customer needs as well as the styling he's been looking for.

Vibration resistant

Philips two-wheeler lamps are vibration resistant from 10G to up to 15G (gravitational force)

Feel safe, drive safe

  • CityVision Moto

    Offering 40% more vision on the road, the Philips CityVision Moto headlights actively participate in increasing rider's security. Thanks to better visibility on the road, Philips motorcycle lamps allow for better obstacle recognition and accident prevention.
  • PremiumVision Moto

    Offering 30% more vision on the road, Philips VisionMoto headlamps are the perfect choice for motorcycle riders seeking for light performance and safety. With better light output, riders can react faster to obstacles and avoid accidents.

Drive with style

  • BlueVision Moto

    Discover Philips BlueVision Moto with its ultimate blue xenon effect. Philips' state-of-the-art Gradien Coating™ technology creates the stylish xenon effect in the headlight and produces a powerful 4000 K while light on the road.